The Dive Project Management course covers units from the Diploma of Hyperbaric Operations (Projects and estimating) and the Diploma of Hyperbaric Operations (Management and contracts)

The course code is 10181NAT and the ADAS RTO code is 88104 and the course is listed on the National Register of VET at

This course covers all of the units required for the award of either a single or double Diploma of Hyperbaric Operations (insert specialisation) National Code 10181NAT, awarded by ADAS RTO Code 88104.

To achieve the Diploma of Hyperbaric Operations (Projects and estimating) requires competence in 12 units comprising the core units, the business skills units, and the projects and estimating specialisation. Some candidates may also undertake an additional four management and contracts units to be awarded the additional Diploma of Hyperbaric Operations (Management and contracts). Eligibility criteria apply.

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Candidates should submit a curriculum vitae (CV) to the course director Bronwen Campbell on for advice on eligibility and for further information on costs and course dates.

This is the DPM2017 classroom site, which commenced in July 2017. Only enrolled students and instructors can access this area. For general course information, everyone may access the course information area on the ADAS Online public site (

The Dive Projects /Dive Project Management course is designed to assist anyone working in the diving industry to enhance their business and project management skills. The common components are managing people, risk and safety, the projects and estimating course focuses on managing individual dive projects safely and effectively, and the management and contracts component has a stronger emphasis on the broader area of managing the dive organisation to successfully tender and manage diving projects.

Dive Project Management Exams